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  Q2 2018
Mortgage lending standards today relative to historical norms; Expected timing of and triggers for the next U.S. recession 
  Q1 2018
Impact of tax reform on home price outlook; cities most likely and least likely to be chosen by Amazon for HQ2; impact of proposed changes to affordable housing goals 
  Q4 2017
Persistent housing market trends most surprising in 2017 (and those most likely to change in 2018), and the outlook for mortgage rates, the homeownership rate, unemployment, income growth, and more 
  Q3 2017
Timing of & triggers for next U.S. recession; expected impact of next recession on U.S. housing market 
  Q2 2017
Impact of foreign investment in the U.S. residential real estate market 
  Q1 2017
Market forces that will impact housing in 2017, 30-year mortgage rate that will significantly slow home value appreciation, mortgage rate "lock-in" 
  Q4 2016
When will market shift in favor of home buyers, Impact of short-term home & room rentals, Markets expected to out-perform, under-perform in 2017 
  Q3 2016
Sustainability of trends and preferences regarding coastal markets and urban living 
  Q2 2016
Presidential election scenarios and their impact on the outlook for U.S. housing and overall economic performance; primary drivers of recent re-acceleration in U.S. home value growth 
  Q1 2016
Federal housing policy goals, Most important housing issues for presidential candidates, Housing market impact of trends in the undocumented immigrant population 
  Q4 2015
Performance and Risks in the 20 Largest Metro Areas, Factors re: Slower Pace of New Home Construction 
  Q3 2015
Homeownership Rate in 2 years & 5 years, Rent Control 
  Q2 2015
Mortgage Credit Access, Housing Occupancy Trends
  Q1 2015
Recent Homeownership Affordability Initiatives, Impact and Duration of Rising Rents
  Q4 2014
Significant Impediments to a Sustainable, More Uniform U.S. Housing Recovery
  Q3 2014
Homeownership Trends, Age Profile of First-time Buyers, Future Mortgage Rates & Impact on Sales
  Q2 2014
Primary Cause of Sharply Declining Home Affordability Levels in Certain Large Metro Areas
  Q1 2014
Impact of institutional buyers on housing market, Fed monetary stimulus
  Q4 2013
Scope of government involvement in housing finance after mortgage market reforms are implemented
  Q3 2013
At what level do mortgage rates present a significant threat to the housing recovery?
  Q2 2013
Fed policy & risk of new housing bubble, qualified residential mortgage (QRM) rule
Q1 2013
Timing of GSE wind-down, Proposals to refinance certain underwater homeowners
Q4 2012
Impact on home prices of various potential changes to the mortgage interest deduction
  Q3 2012
     Presidential candidates' housing policies, mortgage deduction, eminent domain      

Q2 2012
     Principal forgiveness, strategic default, projected homeownership rate       
Q1 2012
     Government bulk sales, The Fed's housing policy statements      
  Q4 2011
     FHA max loan size increase; FHA bailout ?      
  Q3 2011
     Likelihood / desirability of government intervention in the housing market