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The U.S. Housing Confidence Survey                                                                                                       
"This survey... will add immeasurably to our understanding of housing markets, with unprecedented detailed information through time and across geographical areas. We have always been mostly in the dark about fundamental drivers of home prices–now that will change.”

Robert Shiller   Yale Professor, Nobel Laureate and Pulsenomics Honorary Adviser

The U.S. Housing Confidence Survey™ (HCS) is the first scientific survey developed to facilitate systematic measurement and reporting of consumer confidence in the U.S. housing market. HCS is unique among all consumer housing and economic confidence surveys because it is the only one that:
  • Focuses on the scientific measurement of nation-wide housing confidence among the U.S. adult population
  • Gauges attitudes among homeowners and renters concerning homeownership and prevailing market conditions at the individual metropolitan area level
  • Measures affordability expectations and home value expectations among both homeowners and renters
  • Via The Housing Confidence Index™ (HCI), enables consistent and concise reporting of survey results for easy public consumption and comprehension
"Over the last three decades, we have learned a great deal about the dynamics of home prices. Our research shows that real estate values have enormous wealth effects, but the markets are inefficient, and are propelled by expectations of market participants. This housing confidence data is a critical input to our understanding of consumer behavior, and where real estate markets and the economy may be heading."

Karl "Chip" Case



  • An Overview: The U.S. Housing Confidence Survey™ and U.S. Housing Confidence Index™

Survey Data Subscriptions

In addition to the freely-available Housing Confidence Index™ data, Pulsenomics can deliver detailed HCS report packages upon request that include demographic and comprehensive cross-tab analyses of survey respondent data. Pulsenomics also produces U.S. Housing Confidence Reports. These standard reports, as well as custom reports, are available to institutional clients for a modest fee.

Samples:  [ U.S. Housing Confidence Report™ ]  [ Demographic analysis report ]   [ Comprehensive cross-tab analysis ]

Please contact us for more information about HCS data and report packages.

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