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Consulting & Product Development

Pulsenomics offers comprehensive consulting solutions for product innovation, extension, re-purposing and positioning.

We deliver valuable insights to our clients by synthesizing primary research, survey data, objective analysis, and information gathered from reliable independent sources worldwide.

Our solutions are flexible, and available for all or a portion of the product innovation cycle, including initial ideation, market feasibility studies, product marketing & research, prototype development, post-launch validation and more.

While we welcome opportunities and challenges from many fields, our primary subject matter expertise includes: 

Housing markets Market benchmarks and real estate indices
Mortgage markets Economic indicators
Exchange-traded financial products Data-driven products and services
Financial markets and regulation
Property derivatives

For a no-obligation consultation re: your business needs or project requirements, please contact us.

Expert Surveys

We develop and manage expert surveys independently and in conjunction with clients, corporate and government sponsors.

Expert survey panelists illuminate their subject matter expertise and communicate their views (and/or the views of their organization) on important issues to relevant market stakeholders, policymakers and the general public.

If your organization is interested in creating or sponsoring an expert survey, please click here for additional information regarding how we can help.

If you would like to discuss or propose a new project, or if you are interested in sponsoring an existing Pulsenomic survey or poll, please contact us.